Saturday, 21 September 2013


SOFA - Africa was founded in 2007 by three professional and developmentally oriented young men (Okocha Kasolo Alton, Tuliraba Atanansi and Hussein Muyonjo). Initially, the organization was formed to assist women and girls fight and advocate for their fundamental rights and improve their health and socio-economic status and lives using an integrated approach. Almost a year down the road however, the organization is trying to win and work with a cross-section of individuals and organizations at different stages, gender, educational level, faith, ethnicity, settings and professions, who share its vision and mission, justifying a participatory refocus this time around.
SOFA – Uganda ‘s mission is “A Uganda with healthy and empowered women and girls accessing quality, adequate and equitable sexual and reproductive health services at the same time seeing that our rights as Women and Girls are respected by state of Uganda” while our vision is “To contribute towards raising the level, Quality of Sexual & Reproductive Health Services and advocate for the rights of women and girls in Uganda through increasing access, advocacy, economic empowerment and working with other development actors”

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