VISION (Overall goal) of the Organization is “strong family values at grassroots and household level”
MISSION (program purpose) is to to restore family values”
Aims and Objectives for which SOFA shall be registered are as follows:
  •  Establish an understanding between children and the parents
  • To bring gender balance and equality awareness for a more just community without discrimination.
  • Advocating against gender based violence.
  • To hold leaders accountable and advocate for better service delivery.
  • To improve early childhood and subsequent education as well as empower youth with vocational and life skills training for competitiveness in modern life and society.
  • To promote peace and dialogues amongst various societies as well as establish a foundation for mutually rewarding cooperation partnerships, conflict resolution, and management and allied infrastructure.
  • Improve access to markets
  • To contribute to the fight (prevention and mitigation) against HIV/AIDS among the marginalized women, youths and children.
  • Empower the marginalized (women, youths and children) to access economic resources.

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