Monday, 4 April 2016


Child abuse is more prevalent in boys than girls, a new study has revealed. 
By: Save Our Families Africa.
The report by the African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect and Save Our Families Africa(SOFA) , by a child rights advocacy group, conducted in Busoga and other parts of Uganda districts showed that boys are more vulnerable (81.2 per cent) than girls (68.3 per cent).
“It was revealed that boys are more vulnerable to physical abuse because they are regarded as more stubborn and due the growing levels of poverty, yhe young lads are sent to work in sugar cane plantations since Busoga is know for the practice.
A One Moses Isabirye Found Fishing on one Landing Site in Mayuge Distict, to his parents school is a priority.

Also, boys are viewed as threats to mostly step mothers that fear that they are the heirs to the property,” Save Our Families Africa(SOFA) can revel .
With the exception of sexual abuse which the study observed as under reported, the research also discovered that girls are safer from abuse because of a culture that encourages them to be groomed in a self-protective manner.

“Girls remained more vulnerable to sexual abuse at 90percent and has been reported today in Tororo District where an man had turned his daughter into his second wife her mother. In addition, the vulnerability increased with increase in age of the girls. Also absurd, was that 90 per cent of the disabled and 80per cent orphaned children reported to ever being abused.
SOFA also noticed that the main perpetuators of child abuse are biological parents at 41 per cent. These were followed by neighbors at 19 per cent; siblings at 14 per cent step parents at 11per cent and teachers at 9.3 per cent. 
“This confirms that most child abuse cases are committed at home,” Mr Kasolo Alton Peter of SOFA has found out. 

The survey also highlighted that abuse is not reported until it becomes extreme. “We encourage everyone to take the responsibility of reporting abuse before it becomes too late.
We there for reach out to you to help in raising fund to curb the disease.

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