SOFA is an organization that is exclusively devoted and committed to oversee the reduction and create awareness on domestic violence at grass root levels among working with children and development issues. SOFA has a very big gap to address different deadly actions in communities of Busoga region hence ultimately enabling SOFA serve their target groups. Members of SOFA Staff have undergone training on human rights and so have the essential skills to address many issues together with the stake holders. The most immediate action plan for SOFA and the communities they serve is to carry out a comprehensive awareness campaign which involves community awareness, radio programmes, and documentation of victim’s experiences and support of court actions against violence.
As a strategy, SOFA mobilizes community members in different communities each in one in one district of Jinja to enable them provide their input and reactions towards the projects with the help of developed questionnaires that are interviewed to them. This is the best way of getting their opinions and reactions about a project and the areas that may arise. By doing this, it helps SOFA know the needs of the community for the trainings and educational campaigns in order to promote respect for human rights and also increase in the number of responsible women and men in  communities and homes. This is done by the community action groups that are formed in the communities to act as mediator or intermediaries on behalf of the local councils; however the entire SOFA is ready to support this project by putting into their efforts to see the project a success.

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