There are opportunities in all aspects of SOFA's operations. Anyone with a heart to reach out and serve vulnerable categories (orphans, widows and elderly) in Africa will find exciting projects to bring God's love to these deserving people. Construction workers, Doctors, dentist painters, administrators, managers, evangelist - your time and skills will be put to great use! Some specific areas of need are listed below but SOFA is open to whatever your interest as you desires to support the children of Uganda.
Rural Health Initiative
Children can suffer because of AIDS, even when they don't have the disease themselves. When a parent dies prematurely, a child's world collapses. Anxiety, depression and despair are common as a child tries to adjust to life without his or her parents. And if dealing with grief isn't difficult enough, children are sometimes shunned by the community because they are feared. At a time when emotional support is needed most, people often turn away. It's usually not intentional but happens. In spite of the disastrous statistics surrounding the AIDS pandemic, there are many myths and misinformation about HIV/AIDS
HIV/AIDS Orphans & Vulnerable Children
HIV/AIDS provides an opportunity for us to share the love with those who are suffering from the disease. Your gifts will support programs that provide care to people with AIDS and their families, including home-based care and hospice programs. A $50 gift per month can provide the resources, including food, medication, or hygiene items, to care for one family with home-based assistance.
HIV/AIDS Medical Programs
With 32 million men, women, and children infected with HIV/AIDS, the medical needs facing mission hospitals and other medical facilities are enormous. Your gifts will assist programs that provide medical care, including medications and counseling to prevent mother-to-child transmission, for those infected with HIV. A gift of $25 can supply medication and post-natal counseling to prevent one HIV-infected mother from passing the virus on to her child.
There are many ways that you can support the needs of suffering community, affected by HIV/AIDS in Uganda
  • Raise awareness in your community – Give a presentation to your child’s class or school, a civic group, or your faith-based community. Contact us for outreach materials.
  • Volunteer – Show your support for Save Our Families -Africa or another organization working to address the pandemic by giving your time, talents, or expertise. If you are interested in volunteering at SOFA, please contact our office for more information.
  • Host a house party – Invite your friends and family to your home and educate them about the challenges of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

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