Sunday, 17 April 2016

Cholera death toll rises 


The cholera death toll in Butaleja District has risen to eight after four more cases were reported this week.
Dr John Matovu, the Butaleja District health officer, told SOFA on Tuesday that four deaths at two health centres and two others had been reported.
He said the first case was reported last week and they had initiated a unit to respond. The team is led by the district health officer and the district health inspector, Mr Henry Isogoli.
The four, according to Dr Matovu are among the 25 patients who had been admitted to the various rural health facilities across Butaleja District.
“The situation is getting out of hand and this calls for more intervention,” Dr Matovu said, adding they continue to receive complaints from residents, who have lost their relatives, of being stigmatised.
“The way cholera is spreading in the district is worrying both district health department and residents and this has to be blamed on lack of sanitary facilities such as pit-latrines in most homes,” said Dr Matovu.
According to available data, the first suspected case was reported in Nabiganda Trading Centre, Kachonga Sub-county.
Mr Michael Higenyi Boole, the Butaleja District vice chairperson, said many people who had been affected had attributed the illness to witchcraft, which in turn affected both treatment and response plans.

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